September 22, 2008

Come Again??

Sometimes I question just what Samuel is thinking. The other day Sam was hugging his teddy bear. Let’s just call him “Teddy”. Teddy appeared to be enjoying the affections of Sammy. I am sure Sam felt like wise. I was just taking a moment of leisure as I watched them together. In just a blink of an eye, Sam attacked Teddy. He bit him right on the nose. I scolded Sam and made clear to him that we do not hurt our friends. I then placed a small Scooby Doo Band aid on Teddy’s nose. I warned Sammy that I better not here from Teddy that he had wounded the poor bear again. A few minutes later this is what I found…Come again?? I beg your pardon?? Am I seeing what I think I am seeing?

My theory is that Sam thought he would shut Teddy up while he colored on him a bit, or Maybe just maybe he was being loving and just bandaging another wound that somehow miraculously appeared. Sam might have been just fixing his hair and giving him free highlights. Who’s to know?