August 19, 2008

Being a Mommy to Four

Being a Mommy to Four

I never planned on having four children. I actually was not much of one who liked being around younger children. You would rarely find me babysitting as a teen. If you did I wouldn't have been overjoyed about the opportunity.

Sometimes, I think to myself that having four children is the best thing ever! With this reflection in mind I would say that I have an awesome life and I wouldn't change it if I could. I feel down when I think of how my children are growing older each day and there is no way to stop it. The idea of having more children would be something I would consider if I ever marry again.

Then there are the days that I think "Why did I choose to have so many children and so far apart?" I have never experienced any adulthood without a little one?". My imagination of traveling the World, sleeping in, and going where I want when I want would be great. I feel sorry for myself cause I can't breath cause the kids won't leave me alone and I feel that having a handful is so hard.

Most of the time I am content with my life and I am happy to be feeling good. On a really bad day I still would not change anything even if I could.


mama bear bugga said...

what are the age differences for your kids? i may have questions for you! i only have one right now from my first marriage and by the time we add to our family, she'll be 5 and in kindergarten. :/

i've added you to my blog list too! :D looking forward to following your blog!

Lorie said...

My only daughter is fifteen. Then my three boys are eleven, nine, and three.

Allison said...

I only have 2, but I am just starting over. My oldest is 8 and my youngest is a newborn!

Oh you just preached the mommy mantra!