July 1, 2008

Sammy is Sick

Sammy threw up about an half and hour ago. UGH. Poor Guy. He made quite a mess in my bed. I put everything into the washer and I poured a whole bunch of vinegar on the wall and carpet. I will have to use our little spot cleaner machine tomorrow. I hope he feels better now and that he doesn't have to get sick anymore. I made him a bed on the living room floor. We both had to jump in the bath and clean the stinky off. Thank God we now have a washer and dryer.

I hope Sammy feels better by tomorrow. I gotta work. We will have to see.

Oh, this nice neighbor built Josh and Ronnie a metal skateboarding grinder. They are very excited. The neighbor is a welder fabricator. He had some extra metal laying around. He said that he has been working sixteen hours day lately. Something to do with horseshoes. Wow, there is another blessing for our family.

I am heading to bed. I am out...