June 29, 2008

French Friend

Ashley and I got to hang out with our French Friend today. We were her host family last year. She is back and staying in Modesto this year with a French teacher that she met last year while she was visiting are local high school. We took her to the Olive Garden and then we went to the mall. As always we enjoyed ourselves and look forward to our next visit with her.

The boys stayed with my sister, Kelly this weeked. Kelly recently moved out to the country and the boys cannot get enough of it! I am hoping that I can find a country home within a year. I am just so picky. It would have to be really nice and clean.

Sammy stayed at his grandparent's house Thursday night and his Nana took him and his cousing to get pics Friday. Isn't he adorable?

I found out Friday that my cousin who is one year older than me killed himself Thursday. I haven't seen him in years, but I grew up with him when I was little. Very sad for everyone. I wonder did he know Christ? What would make someone feel so hopeless in their life? I pray for my family.

I cleaned out my storage this weekend. I am going to have a garage sale in two weeks. I am getting rid of alot of baby clothes. I just can't hold on to five boxes of baby clothes. I am going to have to pick out my most favorite pieces and sacrafice the rest.

This Saturday Ashley, Sammy, and I went to a few yard sales. I bought the boys some nice shorts for fifty cents a piece. Yipee that was a great bargain. Sammy got some vintage little people. He found them much more interesting than the now days fat ones.