July 23, 2008

My Boat Trip

We had a great time on our boat ride on the lake, but it was just because we were with my Dad. It is great spending time with him. It wasn’t because of the boat ride itself. We had only got to ride to the middle of the lake and then we had to wait to get towed in by my Uncle Frank several hours later. We didn’t even get to tube around because the boat got hot. We tried to fix it. The new piece for the water pump didn't look like it was the right size, but Dad and I stomped on it and made it go in. The boys ask if the boat was fixed and I told them I didn’t know for sure, but my Dad said it was for sure fixed. So we started on our merry way when the boat started stinking really badly. I told Dad to stop, but he kept on chucking along. Then it just quit and started smoking like we had a fire going.The stench was awful. Dad looked at the engine and it had burned anything and everything that was plastic. That was only the beginning...

Dad and I decided we would go for a swim and then we had to hang and pull the boat around the lake to keep it from grounding itself on shore. Dad was worried the campers might think we were Oakies and that we just brought out our broken boat to pull it around with a string. To top it all off we couldn't get to our food and had to wait way past lunch to chow. I also got burnt so bad that I couldn’t sleep for a week. I mean yeah, I know I am white and I have had some bad burns in my life, but this topped it all off...and to think I was so confident with the sunscreen I applied earlier. Now it has been nine days since the trip and I am finally feeling better. I am working on the dead skin that has built up. It is hard and it hurts. I have been putting lotion on it, but last night I couldn’t resist peeling it off. I got a lot of it off, but there is much more to come.

My Dad said that he would fix the boat and we would come out again. I don’t know when he will do that because he also has to fix his motor home. The Monday before the lake trip he went to Monterey in his the motor home and it overheated on the way back home. I feel sorry for him because everything is breaking on him. I pray it all fixes like it should. Unfortunately, we did not get any pics.