July 23, 2008

Setting up Our "Quick Set Pool"

What a wasted Saturday! We bought a three and a half inch "Quick Set Pool" that became a huge challenge to put up. First, we could not get the ground leveled. Our back yard is so crappy. No one has worked on it since the early 1930’s in my opinion and the gophers and cats call it "home". We worked several long hours leveling the ground. Then we laid the pool out on the ground and stretched it out just so. I filled it up with water overnight and Sunday it went lopsided. Needless to say it was a frustrating!

We ended up having to empty the whole pool...It is a very stressful thing to do because the water is not easy to get out and there is dirt everywhere in the backyard. We did not want to get it all filled up with items from the earth. Joshua and I then went to the Home Depot and bought fifty dollars worth of sand. The bags were so heavy to load into the cart and into the van, then back out again. We took them to the backyard and we spread out a total of fifteen bags. We used a 12 ft. board, tying a string around it and then we placed a level on top of the board. We spun it around for several hours. We then attempted to set this “Quick Set Pool” back up again and thanks to God it came out just perfect! I then sprinkled bark around the pool to help with the dirt. I have been working on this yard for a while now and I hope to get it all looking good soon.