August 6, 2008

Camping Trip at the Lake

Last weekend we set off to go camping at the lake. Even though I enjoy camping sometimes, I had not felt much like doing it this year. The boys had really been wanting to go fishing and camping, and the reality of summer coming to an end made me well aware that we were running out of time. So, with that in mind we ventured out. But if the truth be known, I was counting the minutes until I could be back home. On our camping trip adventure I acquired a flat tire and the car battery went dead when we tried to go top it off, the following day my license plate fell off. Wow!

But, with all that said it was beautiful watching Samuel play in the sand, daring to wade out into the water and watching his little feet pitter patter away. Ashley, the little social bug that she is, sought out friends speedily and attained a better tan. My two older boys, Joshua and Ronnie, enjoyed themselves more that words could say. They reminded me of "The Survivor", as they paddled along on their raft. To everyones astonishment we glanced up and noticed Joshua approaching shore with an enormous catfish. He was holding it up like an esteemed winner...only for us to find out that he had not caught the fish, but had discovered its lifeless body over in the swamp.

Memories cannot be lived again...Yeah, I may have been uncomfortable and daydreaming of home, but the sweet thoughts of my children will always be remembered, not my sweaty body or my dirty feet!