June 25, 2008

Write This

Joshua and Ronnie are in trouble for fighting at daycare. Why do they feel such a strong desire to beat each other up? Sammy also got his self in a bit of trouble today at his daycare. We had to go by my moms after I picked the kids up to drop off some ice. So their Nana had a talk with them. Then she sent the two older boys home to write paragraphs. It has been a while since they had to do that, but as I remember it seemed to work well. They even have to memorize it for future reference.

I am a King's kid and I act like a King's kid. I walk in victory in every area of my life because Jesus loves me and He lives big in my heart. I love everybody and everybody loves me. I can do all through Christ who gives me strength.

Ashley is staying the night at a friends. This is great because if she didn't I would have to pick her up after eleven tonight. It is a forty minute round trip and I already had to drop her off by six this morning.

For those who don't know, Ashley is in her second year as a summer intern at our home church. She is loving it.

Yesterday evening the kids and I went to our local lake and went for a ride in our four man raft. It was fun, but I got dirty! UGH

Ashley and I got out braces tightened yesterday too. The Orthodontic said that Ashley's teeth look great, but it would be about seven more months because he wants to do work on her twelve year molars. She was dissappointed because she wanted them off by her sixteenth birthday. I think she may still have them off by then.

I am still working on my website. I hope to have it built by the end of summer. I don't get as much time as I would like to have on it.