June 17, 2008

No More Rivers

When my son, Ronnie was about six he constantly plugged up the toilet when he went to the bathroom. He just used way to much toilet paper and toddler wipes. So I told the little guy to stop. I explained to him that he needed to use one toddler wipe at a time and then flush and then use another. He just looked at me for a minute. Then he smiled and said "Oh, mama! You mean that you don't want me to make anymore Root Beer Floats?"I agreed and said “Exactly my dear son.”Then a few months after our conversation he put to many wipes down the toilet again, flushed it, closed the door and we left for the day. When we arrived back to the house our home was flooded. We had to pull all the carpets up and suck all the water up with a vacuum. After the clean up I looked at him and told him." Son no more Rivers!!"